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Yodel Blues


Crooked Hollow Golf Club

The Crooked Hollow Golf club is located at 8667 Elysian Fields Rd  Greenwood, LA 71033, United States

The phone number is: +1 318-938-5060

Read more about it at Google+ Local: https://plus.google.com/117235117255014115908/about?gl=se&hl=en

A lot of salad

Meantime there are so many parents who want to contribute to the party that there will be lots of candy,Taco's and salad. I think too much. Well we will see what there will be at the party but I think we will laugh about the total amount of it. Maybe it is better if we reduce the amount of Taco's and just tell each parent separately what their contribution will be. On the other hand I think it is funny the way this party is organized and sometimes you have to let things the way they are. I am pretty ...


I joined a party this weekend and it was so nice. First we had a high tea and after that we had a workshop pimp a handbag. First I did not know what to expect. On the table there were about 50 handbags in different shapes and colors. Everybody had to pick out one. For some that was already quite a job. Then there were boxes on a table with lots of fabrics, beads, glitter and applications. It was so much. The lady of the workshop started to explain what you can do to pimp the handbag and while she ...